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Welcome to Webtransfer


What is it?

This is the provision of microcredit among members Webtransfer.

How do I earn?

I earn in interest on loans to other members. Furthermore, I can get 50% of the performance of members recommended me.

I have to hunt for the borrower?

No. Interested profess themselves. Only loan for a specific menu or list you will find specific candidate.

What if the borrower the loan back?

There is a guarantee fund that will pay 100% of any losses. The borrowers are also old collection agency.

How much is the income?

Is it worth the effort? For starters, the company will borrow $ 50, so you can try out the system. Net yield is around 0.8% per day. You devote a minimum investment of time - enter the loan proceeds and selection for 1-3 weeks; (Meanwhile, you can spend another program).

How do I get started?
I also I took the offered $ 50, and I gave a loan at 1.4% for 10 days. After 10 days, the borrower money back and my net income, after deducting the $ 3.5 guaranteed. After this experience, I own invested $ 100 and took a $ 300 arbitration. (Arbitration is spoken in the video) These $ 400 earned me $ 78 and $ 50 which I picked up my wallet. Money came within an hour. The remaining money reinvested. I plan to gradually appreciate, until my monthly income will be $ 600. According to the experience of my colleagues it will take five months. This investment is for everyone, minimum spend her time!
What is your first assignment?
1. Register here: REGISTRATION (registers through Facebook or Twitter or G +), the original is in Cyrillic or another language you choose the very bottom of the page, if you're on Google, but it is a machine translation.
2. Utilize bonus $ 50, with the first loan (do not risk anything, you earn 3.5 dollars for 10 days of work). To get the bonus must be at registration to verify your cell phone, where you will walk SMS verification. Keep in mind that the registration takes about an hour more here:

Registration: https://webtransfer-finance.com/en/?id_partner=35088233

If you register directly on the website webtransfer and will not get a bonus of $ 50. You can get it only if the ID registration via the link.





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